Weekend in Sharm El Sheikh

Although the transportation to our holiday weekend in Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea left much to be desired (considering the breakdown on the way there and the 100MPH ride back at extortion prices), the weekend itself was quite pleasant and relaxing. The resort was very luxurious, and snorkeling was lots of fun.

First view of the Red Sea after crossing the Suez Canal.

One of many resort towns along the Red Sea.

Curtis wisely finding shade after our breakdown.

The rugged wilderness of the Sinai.

Mountains and desert of the Sinai.

Fantasyland mall across from the hotel.

Hotel pools and gardens.

Hotel pool at sunrise.

Another sunrise.

Hotel guest doing aerobics by the pool, topless!
(There's no accounting for some folks lack of decorum.)

Fish on the coral reefs.

Coral reef. (I wish I had taken the pictures...)