Our second Greek island was the island of Naxos. It is a large island with many small villages and a marble quarry. The port town of Naxos has a sizeable poplulation and is a real town, not just a tourist destination. We rented a car for two days to drive around the island, taking in the incredible scenery.

The pension where we stayed.

The Harbor at Naxos.

The mountains of Naxos.

Mt. Zeus is the highest peak on Naxos.

Winding mountain roads.

Terraced mountain sides.

Magnificent mountain views...

...and the sea, too.

The marble quarry.

An ancient gate at Naxos.

Goats and sheep on the road.

A comment on the scenery or goats? (or both)

The harbor at night.

Octopus hung out to dry.