Felucca Ride on the River Nile

The final activity of the week of new faculty orientation was a picnic aboard felucca boats on the River Nile. The new faculty, the Faculty Services Committee that planned the week, the University president and provost, and their families made for a large and festive group. We began with five felucca boats (traditional sailing boats) lashed together - each boat held about twenty people and a table of food. We sailed slowly like this while people ate and visited, hopping from boat to boat. Then the boats were unlashed, and finished the evening by sailing until sunset.

Feluccas at the dock in Maadi.

A felucca on the river, and the skyline of Maadi.

Food and friends.

Sunset and the captain.

A couple of fishermen.

Unlashed from the others and free to sail!

The captain steering the boat.

The end of a great day (although Coke is great, too).