Just to the south west of Maadi across the Nile are the pyramids of Dahshur. We visited two large pyramids, the Bent Pyramid, whose angle changes partway up, and the Red Pyramid which is constructed of reddish limestone. We were able to enter the Red Pyramid, although the close quarters and and stale air discouraged some of us from going all the way down into it.

Donkeys and water buffalo on the way to Dahshur.

The Bent Pyramid.

Walking by the Bent Pyramid.

Trish trying to kiss a camel?

Bent Pyramid from a distance.

The Red Pyramid.

Climb to the entrance of the Red Pyramid.

Looking down into the pyramid.

The Red Pyramid.

Looking up the Red Pyramid.

View from partway up the Red Pyramid.

A pickup soccer game after a picnic lunch.