Our Camel Ride

Since everyone is likely to ask us if we rode a camel, we figured we had better try it out. It was actually kind of fun, but not exactly comfortable, and the camels are kind of smelly. Nancy was complaining that her saddle felt tilted, and we all dismissed her, telling her it looked fine. Toward the end of the ride, while coming through a gate in the fence, her saddle started slipping off. Fortunately she was close enough to hold onto the fence and some fellows pushed her and the saddle back up onto the camel.

Getting on the camels and getting up.

Saddled up and ready to go.

Our caravan: Me, Janice, Martin, Kirby, Curtis, Nancy, and Trish.

Out on the desert.

Me on my mighty steed.

My view from the front.

Getting down is a challenge.

OK, the camel's down, now what?