Tour of Cairo Neighborhoods

The University arranged a most excellent bus tour of Cairo neighborhoods. We took about five hours to completely circle around Cairo, and were provided with detailed narration by John Swanson about the geography, geology, history, economics, and social structure of the area. There were a few stops, one from the edge of the high desert where we could see the layout of the city and its proximity to the River Nile, and others at the shrine of the Virgin Tree and the center of the universe.

Elevated highway through the city.

An impressive government building.

View from Muqattam Hills, the edge of the high desert.

Another view from Muqattam Hills.

Courtyard at the Shrine of the Virgin Tree.

The Virgin Tree.

Obelisk over 4000 years old, marking creation of universe.

Coming up on the pyramids.

Map of our route.